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Honda Accord: Supercharger Package

CT Engineering has developed a Supercharger Kit for the TL/CL and Accord that increases power by 40 to 60 horsepower at the wheels depending on the model of car. The supercharger uses a “Eaton-type” design that provides consistent boost and compresses the intake charge efficiently with a minimal increase in the intake air temperature. This combination provides almost instant boost that increases low and midrange torque for excellent throttle response.

The kit is complete with cast aluminum supercharger manifolds, all mounting brackets, fuel pressure regulator, Ice Box air intake, all necessary hardware and is designed to provide excellent breathing. The kit requires no major modifications and the car can be easily returned to stock.

The kit requires the customer to purchase a new, smaller battery.


The TL / CL and Accord supercharger kits are 50 state emissions legal.




Supercharger Kit (98-99 Accord V6) 

Transmission Cooler Kit - (98-02 Accord V6) 
Supercharger Kit (00-02 Accord V6) 

Replacement Air Filter (Icebox)